Thursday, January 15, 2015


I've been so busy lately and haven't had time to really workout or blog about it. A lot has been going on. Let me catch you up:

Lars' first Christmas cam and went. He really made out and had a lot of fun.

The day after Christmas, Jason's grandpa died. They don't live here, so it's hard. I'm glad we were able to see him over the summer. 

Lars turned 1 and had a huge party. So many people and gifts and food. It all worked out and, of course, he had fun. He was very social and "talked" to everyone.

Just a couple days ago, my (almost) 15 year old cat died. I had him before I met Jason (just before). It was pretty sudden (all within 4 days). He never acted like an old cat.

I have been able to do some workouts (from YouTube). I love Fitness Blender. I've only done 2 workouts, but they were great. I've also been able to eat a lot of the leftovers from Lars' party (no one ate the veggies). This container (below) was over flowing with broccoli.

The other major thing that has been going on (for about a week now) is that I'm sick. All 3 of is are sick. We are getting over it, but it's tough. Whenever I get too active (too much working out), I get this cough that I can't get rid of. Can't wait to be able to get back to normal. 

How has 2015 been treating you?

I will be posting again, as soon as I'm able to workout. Hopefully early next week. I can't wait to tell you about the videos I've found!

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