Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fitness Blender

Since it's too cold to run outside with Lars, I haven't been running. My only time to run is in the morning, It's been about 35 degrees (I know, I know that's a heat wave compared to some parts. But that's freezing for CA). 

While Lars is awake and playing, I do do some working out (ie: squats, jumping jacks). My only other time to get in a "real" workout is while he's sleeping. So, I take to Youtube. I've found (no one found it for me or was told to try it out) the best workout videos!!! They are by Fitness Blender. The videos that I've completed have a side bar showing how many calories you may be burning. It feels like I'm right in the class at the gym. Here's my set up:

Here's what the screen looks like. The calorie burner is off to the right, a count down for each rep is in the top right corner. They always explain what you  need for the workout and what you'll be doing. These are a must try!!

What workout videos (or dvds) do you use? How often do you workout? Run?


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