Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Running in California

Christmas came early for this runner! Newton Running sent me a pair of super comfy, airy and light weight shoes to try out. It took me forever to test them out (because of the rain thing). I've been wearing them around when I run errands and walks with Lars. I have officially tested out the shoes and worn them in.

I LOVE them!!!

They are + one. That means that they've added an additional lug (5 total). The fifth lug gives the runner a "broader and more stable platform, greater POP sensation, engineered to be faster and more efficient, designed to accommodate the splay of all 5 metatarsals and feels more responsive with better ground communication". 

When i first put these shoes I, the first thing I noticed was the POP and how light weight the shoe is. This totally benefited my running. 

This week is suppose to be cloudy, but no rain. We'll see if the weather people are right about that. If they're right, I can run all week!!

This is what Lars looks like when I run with him. I bundle him up when we hustle out the door. I also give him a toy to rattle around. But mostly, he "talks"while I run.

I've also been trying to workout at home too. This is what it looks like when I'm trying to do my squats and lunges. Little man runs around me and I end up being chased down the hallway. Toys are all around us and I try not to trip over them. 

How do you balance running and working out at home with a toddler? 

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