Friday, February 10, 2012

Body Angel

A few weeks ago, I received this workout tank to try out. The company is Body Angel and they make super comfy clothing. If you read this blog, you know I love to be comfy in anything I wear. That is always my number one concern when it comes to clothing. I'm not really a girly girl, so I don't need any frills. Just the necessities (they also have some super cu. This tank has it (they do have some super cute girly slothing, too)! That back is super cute! Love the criss cross!

It is a long tank, which is a plus. I hate the ones that are always riding up and don't fit right. The best thing, it has a little pocket in the front! Super cute! The lighting isn't right in the house, so here's what they have on their site.
This is the perfect yoga tank!! I can't wait until I have a hot, summer day, so I can wear it more often!!

What is your favorite piece of clothing?


  1. I love long shirts, and the straps at the back are super cute. I'd probably wear that as a normal tank top! :p

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