Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What my workouts look like

Here's a very small peek into what my workouts look like, while I'm at home with an (almost) 2 year old & an (almost) 2 month old:

Shane weights about 11 lbs, so I always hold him while I do my squats. I do 100 squats every single day (my legs need the help!). Plus, Shane hates it when I'm not holding him.

I work my arms and legs every other day (in addition to the squats). 

This is my back ground noise while I do this. I pick him up between sets. 

On days I don't work my arms, it's an ab day. Since I'm done having kids, I want to get my 6 pack back! I would love to be totally happy with my body by May. We'll see if that happens. 

With 2 kids under 2 (& being new at having 2 kids), I don't always have time to fit in my workouts. My days sometimes gets away from me & before I know it its bath time for Lars. I know ill get in a schedule with the boys & get into a normal routine where my workouts gets in every single day. It'll just take time.

How often do you workout?

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