Tuesday, May 5, 2015


A couple months ago, I enrolled Lars in an awesome gymnastics class. They do so much more than just gymnastics. There's sign language, socializing, swinging, singing, and stories. He loves it so much. Whenever he's in the zip line, he does have any sort of reaction. 

He absolutely loves doing somersaults (at home and in the class, it's his favorite thing ever)! 

He also loves doing what they call something kicks. These mats are so colorful, it's the first thing he goes to when we get there.

He likes the trampoline. He may not look like it in the picture. He loves bouncing. He bounces on our bed all the time (it barely bounces).

This is the perfect class for him because they change up the routine every week and the work in about 15 minute segments. 

What activites are your little ones involved in?

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