Monday, September 8, 2014

BEST Giveaway Ever!!

On September 20th, in Killington Vermont, the Spartan Race will hold their 2014 world championships! How cool would that be! I can't even imagine competing in this. I haven't trained nearly as much I should for something like this. I don't think I have enough time in my day (having Lars). I have so much admiration for moms that have the ambition to train for something like this (or anything, really).

My training is still continuing (and stepping it up a few notches). My goal is to be able to do 3 pull ups by the end of this month. I can't believe my Spartan Race is next month!

Ok, the reason why you chose to look at my blog today (as if you didn't just scroll down to this part)...The Giveaway!! Who wants to take a 4 night cruise (for 2) to the Bahamas (including airfare out of Miami). Everyone loves to workout on vacation, especially in a tropical setting. Well, this is also good for a entry into a Spartan Race!

All you have to do is enter your information using this link Another way to enter this awesome giveaway is to blog about it and send me the link (runnersfuel at hotmail dot com).

This is such an awesome opportunity, everyone should enter!!

Another giveaway for my great readers: A free race entry in the US (for US residence, sorry). Just comment on my blog letting me know which race you'd use it for. Also, comment on this post, letting me know that you've become a follower of my blog. 

Another way to register for a race (if you don't win this cool giveaway) is to use SPARTANBLOGGER to get a 10% discount.


  1. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would use the free entry for a family member who is REALLY wanting to do the Spartan Beast in Texas in November. I am already registered. Also, when will you announce a winner?

  2. Also, I'm not following your blog via Feedburner (email)

  3. I have my eyes on Fenway Park.

  4. I also posted a blog about your giveaway -