Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Food Truck Festival AKA Food Coma

Last weekend, Jason and I went to a food truck festival about 20 minutes away from our house. It's pretty cool of what turn into a food truck. My brother loves old VW buses (so I sent him this picture). This guy turned his old bus into a waffle truck (we didn't eat there, though). 

We ate here first. 3 tacos for $5. Of course I wanted to try it. Too bad the tacos were pretty small and left Jason hungry. They tasted pretty good, though.

There were so many people there! They said it was there record event (this was the 6th one of these, but 1st I've ever gone to). People were everywhere.

We had fun. We love to people watch. There was a lot of that to do there. So many characters. 

After we finished eating the tacos in the park across the street, we came back to one more line. This place has crazy names and ideas for burgers. They put Doritos inside their burgers (or something like that). 

One bad thing about food trucks is you can stand in line for half an hour and and when you're the 6th person, they yell out that they only have 5 burgers left. Yep that happened to us.Very sad. 

Since it was hot and we were still hungry, the next best thing to burgers was ice cream! There wasn't anything special about the ice cream, but it was cold and it tasted good. 

We walked across the street and walked around the pond while we finished the ice cream, then headed back home. We spent about 3 hours there. The lines were long, but the food was good. We'll go again next time, but we'll get there before 1 pm. 

Do you have anything like this near you? Are food trucks big near you? They are here!

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  1. I love a food truck gathering, so much yummy food and people watching!