Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sweat-y Workout

All of last week, all I wanted to do was workout. I wanted to get my sweat on. But, I couldn't because I was  so sick. Every time I took a deep breath, I hacked up a lung for 10 minutes. So, I took it easy and got a lot of things done around the house. yesterday, as it got closer for me to leave for the gym, I didn't want to go. Working out gives me a boost, a boost I haven't had in over a week. I needed to go, so I made myself. And, boy an I glad I did!

On Saturday, I was finally able to meet my friend for our run date. I was able to convince her to do my crazy leg workout with me afterwards. We completed our 5k around the park and then walked to a (mostly) quiet place in the park to work our legs. Let's just say, I'm still sore and my ripped class didn't help make my legs feel better last night. 

Since it was crazy windy here yesterday, I took my outdoor 5k to the treadmill. I don't mind the treadmill, I would just rather be outside. If there is any weather that I don't like, I will go inside (unless I'm training for a race in that weather). 

After the 5k, I was able to sneak in some legs weights (which did make my legs feel happy) before the hour long ripped class. I love this class. This is what my workout did to me. I did take it a little easy because, I  still have this stupid cough, so I can't push too hard without coughing like a crazy person. It looks like I got kissed by the sweat fairy (never mind the horrible picture of me)!!

Tonight, yoga is going to feel so good! I can't wait to stretch for an hour! My legs so need it!!

What area do you need to workout the most? I need the upper leg/booty area the most!

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